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January 19, 2011

normally, i don't read much but this year i will try to read more. i read books in english and in spanish. 
i read in english because if i don't, i know one day i will forget it completely. actually, i'm starting to forget my english. for example, i have problems in writing posts for my blog. maybe you notice some grammar mistakes in my posts, therefore any correction is welcomed.
moreover, i should also read in spanish to practise and to improve my vocabulary. at the moment, i'm reading ¨La elegancia del erizo¨. for me, this is such a hard book to read; too many complicated words. i hope this book is worth reading. 
the next 5 more books for me to read:
-¨To kill a mocking birds¨ by Harper Lee
-¨The right attitude to rain¨ by Alexander McCall Smith
-¨The great gatsby¨ by F. Scott Fitzgerald
-¨En lugar seguro¨ by Wallace Stegner
-¨The miracle at speedy motor¨ by Alexander McCall Smith

any other suggestions perhaps?


chare said...

the great gatsby is one of my favorite books in the world

morenica said...

ok, i will read it after i finish the book i'm reading now.

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