This is not good

February 29, 2012

It took me so long to post again. This is really bad. First, I would blame the weather. It was raining a lot. Then the Siberian cold came bringing unusually cold weather. We mostly stayed at home. What we did a lot was to go to cinema. Now they are showing many good movies. I recommend you; The Grey, Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy and The Artist (love love love this movie so much).
Camel beach (playa del camello). Did you spot the camel?
The view from Magdalena park.
On the way back home, I stopped and taking pictures of this cute shop through a window. Too bad it was closed.
Santander cathedral.
I bought clothes online this time. The first blue dress is okay, it fits me fine but the floral dress is still big despite that it is XS and the jacket is just perfect.
My new gloves. Thanks to Carmen who gave me these fingerless gloves. They are lovely and very usefull. I wear them a lot at home because I have got frostbite in fingers of my right hand. Poor fingers of mine, they are swollen, red, itchy and at night I really feel pain.
Timi is spying on me.