Paella party

November 21, 2011

We had dinner on Friday at Georges' house.The main menu was the authentic seafood paella. Pascual was the chef and he really did an excellent job, the paella was outstanding. Look how serious he was while cooking...
*Georges please not now, I'm busy*
Figs and rucola for the salad.
Enjoying the food...
Hmmm let me see....can I use this wine for the sangría???
Wanna have some drinks?
Delightful dessert by Francesca.
Georges & Elena in action. Bailamos?
I like to look at these three pictures below, it is like they were acting in a play and of course Georges is the protagonist. 

SF mayoral election

November 17, 2011

These pictures were taken a couple of days before the 2011 San Francisco mayoral election that was held on last Tuesday, November 8. It is quite unusual the way people support their favourite candidate.

Wine country

November 14, 2011

It was a perfect day. Our fabulous landlady brought us to wine country Napa Valley. But first we stopped at South (San Francisco side) Vista Point to see a stunning view of San Francisco and Golden Gate. Then we went to ¨Jacuzi Family Vineyard¨ to have our first wine tasting. Here you get five wine tastings for free and they have also free olive oil and vinegar. Try all with bread, it's free!
Next winery is ¨Cline Cellars¨ right in front of ¨Jacuzi Family Vineyard¨. I bought ¨Late Harvest Mourvedre¨. Note that they give you free five wine tastings too.
The last winery we had been to was ¨Goosecross Cellars¨. You pay $15 for five wine tastings but it is worth it especially when Jose is hosting you.
Then we had lunch at ¨Brix¨. We were sitting outside enjoying probably the last sunny days and after that we just walked around Yountville town and had some chocolate at ¨Kollar Chocolates¨.
Thanks Vanda for taking me this picture!

Día de los muertos

November 7, 2011

I think this was my first time going to this event ¨Day of the dead¨ in Mission. We went also to the Garfield park to see the altars that were dedicated to the lost ones because we arrived late and missed the procession. Anyway the crowd still continued celebrating the event in that park and here I have some pictures to show you guys.

Meanwhile, this is already my third submission to ¨Much love Monday¨. I am supposed to mention something that I love with a picture of a heart. Well I love San Francisco! You cannot imagine the things that are happening in this city; plenty of events, festivals, concerts, exhibitions, etc. I am sure that you will not get bored if you are staying here.