authentic spanish food dinner

January 12, 2011

just a little interruption:

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yesterday we were having dinner with a special guest, inga, in our friends' house, polo and carmen. we never ever say no to their invitation. first they are very nice people, they have a lovely house and most of all they always prepare marvelous food for us. polo is a professional cook. for him, cooking is a serious business.
the menu items were:
-tortilla de patatas (spanish omelette) 
-jamón serrano  (spanish ham)
-pimientos del piquillo (piquillo pepper)
-anchoa de santoña (santoña's anchovy)
-ensalada de tomate (tomate salad)
-queso de hoja / queso picón (leaf cheese / picón cheese)
-oranges with walnuts and honey sauce
-sobao with cream and caramel


chare said...

foto2nya bagus wey....
i am following your blog to see the update... come to visit mine as well once in awhile yaaa...although it's not very well maintained right now,but i am trying to do a better job at it, i wish i had more time to blog, hehehe:)

Anonymous said...


sukma said...

Cooking is a serious business, Love how you describe the menu according to the pictures =)....

morenica said...

thanks to you all!
sukma: indeed, cooking is a serious business and it's fun!

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