Indonesian mother's day

December 22, 2010

today is ¨mother's day¨ in Indonesia. it is celebrated every 22nd of december since 1938 when Indonesian Women's Congress came up with the idea and later on 1945 this was confirmed by the first Indonesian president, Sukarno.

when my grandfather and my grandmother were still with us, we always celebrated mother's day in their house. all family member were gathering to celebrate this day in a special way. all children crowned their own mothers. for example; in a picture below, my mother were sitting in the middle while my little sister and me crowned her. then each one of us did a speech. we said sorry for things that we had done wrong to her, we thank her for everything and most of all we said how much we love her. even if you're not a family member but you were with us in this celebration, you would burst into tears. for me it was always such a precious moment. 

ps: mama, i miss you...

santander this evening

December 18, 2010

the sun was shining today. we decided to go to the city in the evening to take some pictures. it was a lovely evening. the view from ¨Puerto Chico and Paseo Pereda¨ was incredible. then we went to the library to buy some books. pascual got three books from ¨Schopenhauer¨ and i got one from ¨F. Scott Fitzgerald¨.

more presents

December 17, 2010

i want to thank my sister for sending me a pair of cute flat shoes and refrigerator magnets from Iran. i love shoes and i collect refrigerator magnets from  around the world. it's a pity that the door of our refrigerator is made of plastic ;(. hopefully we will get a new one with stainless steel door  in the christmas and new year sale next year.
by the way sist...i like all things that you sent me!!!!!

the tree and the beach

December 12, 2010

i've been putting up christmas tree alone this morning. i think this was my first time in doing it alone. pascual was so busy writing a paper. he said that he would help later, but i didn't want to wait because otherwise i would not have enough light for taking pictures. anyway it's fun, especially when it came to the decoration. timi was having fun too. he was curios with the balls ;)

in the evening, we went to the beach, liencres beach (one of my favorite beach in cantabria). it's a pity that we went too late. it's getting dark immidiately. we had problem in taking pictures. most of them are blur or dark. well with a help of photoshop, the pictures looks a bit better (i think).

too happy

December 11, 2010

i just got a christmas present. i know it's early but i couldn't help to have it as soon as possible.
from this picture you can guess what my present is ;)

it's my first SLR ;). i can't make beautiful pictures yet, but at least i have something to post. by the way, this is my first post on this blog. a friend of mine was asking me several times when i would have a blog. i said ¨not until i have my SLR¨, because i don't write and i only want to post pictures. and now that i have it, no more excuse for not creating one.
more pictures: (introducing myself and my dog, timi)