January 4, 2011

these are some pictures that i took during my christmas and new year holidays in Arenales del Sol, Elche. as usual, we had a great time and great food too. 
as you can see in the pictures; 
-some of them were taken in Catral and La Romana, Alicante. 
-the horses belong to the interesting carpena's brothers. florentina is the female horse, dallas and chulo are the male and the little horse is bartolo. they are spanish horses.
-abuelita with baby maría, and javi with paulita.
-the famous paella by tía mari carmen.

on the 31st of december we went to ¨The Saint Silvester Road Race¨ (La Carrera de San Silvestre) in Elche. this race is held yearly in most cities in Spain on december 31.  a lot of people joined the race with  their unique custome. it's funny watching superheroes, santa claus, the pope, or the cowboys running.


Anonymous said...

Eres una fantástica fotógrafa!! me encantan las fotos, son espectaculares!! Me alegro que hayas hecho este blog, asi estaremos mas cerca. Besos.

See Hear Say said...

nice photos wem, you're getting better and better!! enjoy your camera much?

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