December 6, 2011

Here I am back at home and cured from jet lag. It really took us five days to get rid of it. It was impossible to avoid taking a nap and when we did, we slept for four to five hours. Then of course, we could not sleep during the night. Anyway, we miss San Francisco already and we miss our friends too. We spent four unforgettable months and had a really good time with them. So I think I will still post some special moments we experienced during our stay and some pictures of the city for the upcoming days since my mind and my heart is still there.
These pictures were taken from our bedroom (through the window) in San Francisco. Some of them were taken on a sunny day, cloudy day, in the morning and in the evening. I do not have night pictures although I tried to shoot some but they were not good. 
One day I went to see Mareike in her office and took these pictures below. She is working at the highest building in San Francisco, Transamerica Pyramid, in the 47th floor.The view up there is incredible.

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Morena said...

We miss you too Weima! But looking at your wonderful pictures is a little bit like having you here. How will you celebrate Christmas? I guess it will be nice to have family around. My brother is coming tomorrow and I can't wait anymore! Anyway: merry merry Christmas to you and Pascual, and keep your blog updated!

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