December 12, 2011

We celebrated thanksgiving last month when we were still in San Francisco at Maya & Abbas' house. They are such an amazing couple with great hospitalilty. We were cooking, playing, laughing, dancing and singing, we had a complete fun with them. We were all so excited about cooking the turkey because none of us had done it before.
Dilara, Maya, Francesca, Benno, Pascual & Georges.
Step by step of how we did the turkey:
-marinate it one day before
-clean, dry and place in a pan
-stuff the turkey
-massage with mayonnaise (Georges' idea)
-put it in the oven and wait for...(we were waiting like 6 hours until the turkey got cooked)
Look how beautiful the turkey was and it tasted yummy too! Before we started the dinner, each of us were giving a quick speech of thanks. Click to watch the video below:

Birthdaygiving from Morenica on Vimeo.

We also celebrated Maya & Georges' birthday and here's the cake:


Anonymous said...

Georges and his love for mayonnaise

Catherine Denton said...

Gorgeous pictures! You have a beautiful family and the turkey looks remarkable. My first turkey was not so--um, pretty.
Catherine Denton

See Hear Say said...

this is a feast!!! makes me hungry. how long are you staying in SF for wem?

Morenica said...

4 amazing months :)

Morena said...

eh....great pictures as usual and sorry that I miss all that. we went to see the nutcracker yesterday and I am sure if you were here you would have join. but I guess you have plenty of Christmas parties in Spain too :-) Enjoy and keep on posting your amazing pictures! Mo

Morenica said...

Girls, thank you so much for your lovely comments!

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