Wine country

November 14, 2011

It was a perfect day. Our fabulous landlady brought us to wine country Napa Valley. But first we stopped at South (San Francisco side) Vista Point to see a stunning view of San Francisco and Golden Gate. Then we went to ¨Jacuzi Family Vineyard¨ to have our first wine tasting. Here you get five wine tastings for free and they have also free olive oil and vinegar. Try all with bread, it's free!
Next winery is ¨Cline Cellars¨ right in front of ¨Jacuzi Family Vineyard¨. I bought ¨Late Harvest Mourvedre¨. Note that they give you free five wine tastings too.
The last winery we had been to was ¨Goosecross Cellars¨. You pay $15 for five wine tastings but it is worth it especially when Jose is hosting you.
Then we had lunch at ¨Brix¨. We were sitting outside enjoying probably the last sunny days and after that we just walked around Yountville town and had some chocolate at ¨Kollar Chocolates¨.
Thanks Vanda for taking me this picture!


CrystaL* said...

Oh my goodness your photo of the Golden Gate Bridge is beautiful! It looks like you had a wonderful time. I would love to go to Napa Valley one day, I was there as a child but clearly couldn't appreciate the wine.
Looks like you had a wonderful time. I must go snoop around a bit more since it has been awhile since I have spent some quality time on your blog.
Hope you are doing wonderful!
Much Love,

Jenna E said...

gorgeous photos!!

See Hear Say said...

that's a cute picture of you with the autumn leaves! so jealous at your life right now, travelling to different places! when are you guys coming to australia??

Morenica said...

we are waiting for your invitation :)

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