Día de los muertos

November 7, 2011

I think this was my first time going to this event ¨Day of the dead¨ in Mission. We went also to the Garfield park to see the altars that were dedicated to the lost ones because we arrived late and missed the procession. Anyway the crowd still continued celebrating the event in that park and here I have some pictures to show you guys.

Meanwhile, this is already my third submission to ¨Much love Monday¨. I am supposed to mention something that I love with a picture of a heart. Well I love San Francisco! You cannot imagine the things that are happening in this city; plenty of events, festivals, concerts, exhibitions, etc. I am sure that you will not get bored if you are staying here. 

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See Hear Say said...

looks so much fun! i recently went to friend's house party and the theme was day of the dead :) everyone was so dressed up and got their faces painted, it was pretty cool.

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