E day

June 20, 2011

¨El día E¨ (E day) is the day of the celebration of Spanish language. A group of Spanish-speaking from different fields of knowledge had chosen more than thirty words and then people gave votes to their favourite word. The most voted is ¨Querétaro¨; it is one state in Mexico. The second voted is ¨gracias¨  means ¨thank you¨. I like the Spanish words with ¨ce, ci¨ and ¨z¨. I think they are really Spanish. The way they pronouce ¨ce, ci¨ and ¨z¨ is like you have to half bite your tongue. So my favorite is ¨amanecer¨; it has been my favourite since I knew the word. I like the way it sounds and the meaning of the word. 

¨El día E¨ es el día de la celebración de la lengua española. Un grupo de personalidades de habla hispana de los más diversos campos del saber han elegido más de treinta palabras y la gente había dado sus votos a su palabra favorita. La más votada es ¨Querétaro¨, es uno de los estados de México. La segunda más votada es ¨gracias¨. Me gustan las palabras españolas con ¨ce, ci y ¨z¨. Creo que es muy es muy español. La forma en que se pronuncia es como tienes que morder un poco la lengua. Así que mi favorita es ¨amanecer¨. Para mí suena bonita y también me gusta su significado. 
Meanwhile, Pascual likes Spanish words that start with ¨al ¨ (they have arabic roots), for example: albahaca, alborada, etc. What about English words? I asked him what his favourite was and he said ¨challenge¨. So what about you? What is your favourite word? It could be in English, in Spanish or in other languages. 
Mientras, a Pascual le gusta las palabras en español que empiezan con ¨al¨ (que tienen raiz árabe), por ejemplo: albahaca, alborada, etc. ¿Y las palabras en inglés?. Le pregunté cual es su favorita y dijo ¨challenge¨ (reto) ¿Y cual es tu palabra favorita? Podría ser en inglés, en español o en otros idiomas.
Now I want to show you something that, Crystal from ¨thehouseofheart¨, sent me;
Ahora quiero enseñaros algo que me mandó Crystal de ¨thehouseofheart¨;
a lovely card, a nice photo, una carta adorable, una foto bonita, 
a note with interesting quote written with her vintage type writer, 
una nota con una cita interesante escrita con su maquina de escribir, 
cute little stickers, unas pegatinas muy monas,
a little story of her, written by her very own handwriting. Thank you very much Crystal, I heart them all! I promise I will reply your letter soon.
una carta escrita por ella misma. Muchas gracias Crystal, me gusta todo! Prometo que te escribiré pronto.


CrystaL* said...

YEAH... I am so happy that you received my piece of mail and loved it! It makes me happy to know that I brought a smile to someones face.

I think my favourite word would have to be explore. It always brings so many feels and dreams to my mind when I use it.

Hope you are doing wonderful.
Much Love,

sukma padmasana said...

Oh wow, I was gonna write thank you as my favorite word ^__^ cause its voted as the number one word that most people will ask when learn other language ^^... Gracias is the only spanish word that Im familiar with, hahaha, well there are other words too, but i believe everybody in the states know Gracias ....

Evie said...

Look at favoritewords.com, it's friendlier than most other sites and have original features.

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